Aspen Sky is a winery, distillery and event center currently under development in Slinger, WI. A decade ago the vision for this winery began to come together. The concept went through dozens of different versions before landing on what will be Aspen Sky.

        • Aspen Sky is a winery with amazing and accessible wines sourced from across the US with a local touch. While Wisconsin is known for its sweeter wines, we will bring in more traditional flavor profiles (like Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel) from California and Washington. We will also offer craft cocktails and a selection of beers.
        • Aspen Sky is a welcoming and family friendly establishment. Come as you are and bring the family! We are both kid and dog friendly. While your children are welcome to run free outside or to join you inside, please keep your four-legged friends leashed and outside.
        • Aspen Sky is a place to come and relax with good friends and great drinks. Think of us as an extension of your living room or backyard – but here we serve the drinks, make the food and do the dishes. 
        • Aspen Sky is a venue for celebrating with others – from birthdays to weddings, from baby showers to graduations, from happy hours to corporate parties and every other reason you have to gather.

Winery? Distillery? Event Center? In Slinger? It’s a unique combination especially for the location – so let me explain how this all came together. 

I’ve always dreamed of opening a winery, so the winery has been at the core of the Aspen Sky plan. But my sister has always dreamed of opening a wedding venue. We quickly realized that combining these two businesses would allow us both to pursue our dreams together with the added benefit of highly complementary businesses. We wove the event center into the business plan. So why the distillery? Let’s just say Wisconsin liquor laws are complicated and it was a necessary addition to support the event center- but I have to admit second to wine, bourbon is my go to, so I’m not complaining.

And when it comes to how we decided to build Aspen Sky in Slinger – that one is easy. It’s our hometown and where we have chosen to return to to raise our families. It’s where we wanted to be and the Village worked closely with us to make it a reality. The support they showed us from the early stages of planning solidified our belief that this was the right location.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you opening?

Spring 2023. We are currently targeting construction completion by the end of 2022. Then we will need a few months to blend, condition and bottle our wines and spirits. We plan to have our doors open in March and are currently booking weddings starting in May (just to be safe).

Where are you located?

Our official address is 860 Enterprise Dr, Slinger, WI 53086. Google is a little off with its pin drop though – we are at the end of Enterprise Drive right next to Reliant Fire and down the street from Zuerns. 

Can I host my wedding at Aspen Sky?

Yes! We are currently booking weddings starting in May 2023 and still have Saturday availability (and discounted introductory pricing). 

Can I host my birthday/holiday party/graduation/wedding shower/etc at Aspen Sky?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. You name it, we would love to host it. Just reach out and we can figure out the details!

What kind of wine will you make?

We currently plan on having Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio for white wines and a Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel for reds. Along with a rose of course. We will also be doing special edition limited releases throughout the year. 

What kind of spirits will you have?

We currently plan on having vodka, rum, bourbon, brandy, tequila and gin available. 

Will you serve food?

We will! Our exact menu is still coming together, but you can expect to see cheese and charcuterie boards, hummus platters, and flatbreads along with other lighter fair. 

Why the name Aspen Sky?

We went on a sibling trip up to Peshtigo to go whitewater rafting, grill some steaks and drink some wine under the stars – at some point along the way – we decided on Aspen Sky (and my brother-in-law Adam gets the credit for that one).