Well we are more than halfway through the build and my dad and I are still on speaking terms, so I’m gonna put that in the win category! All joking aside, I can’t imagine taking on this project with anyone with my dad as my builder. As many of you know, it is an incredibly challenging time to build. Between supply chain issues and a lack of workers, this hasn’t been the easiest project. But it is coming together and we are still on track for a Spring open – thanks to Kahl Construction.

The theme “it takes a village” seems to be a recurring one as it relates to Aspen Sky. Just last weekend my extended family was out at the job site prepping for the coming week. My mom corralled the kids as they picked up nails from the driveway area ($0.01/nail was the negotiated rate). I joined my husband, brother, and brother-in-law with staging lumber and siding so that the skilled professionals could be as productive as possible when they arrived on Monday morning. My dad attempted to only “supervise” still in his church clothes, but of course ended up driving the skidsteer and lending a hand. 

I think the most impressive part of this process though, is that the a large portion of the physical labor has been done by men in their 60s. My dad’s friends and industry peers have gone above and beyond to get this building built. The average years of experience the average person on this project has is mind-boggling. And we have leveraged that experience to tackle the most complicated pieces of this construction. From poor soils and utility access issues to large walls and high wind loads, the team has figured out how to get the job done – and done right.

A big thank you to some of our amazing subcontractors and supplies: