On June 1st, we celebrated our ground breaking ceremony. We were joined by our family and by multiple people that have helped us along this journey thus far. Kids ran around, we gave “tours” and enjoyed some bubbles and food. I wanted to share some of what I said that day.

“When we open in the spring, Aspen Sky will operate as a family run winery, distillery and event center. Our goal for Aspen Sky is to deliver an authentic and relaxed winery experience here in southeastern Wisconsin. We will be sourcing wine from across the US but primarily Washington & California and putting our own spin on it locally. We will focus on producing and serving craft beverages – both wine and cocktails – in a fun and unique atmosphere. 

The other part of our business model is an event center. Our primary focus is on weddings with up to 300 attendees, but we will also host larger social events like fundraisers and non-profit events and have space for smaller events like birthdays or corporate parties 

The winery was always my dream, the event center, my sisters. So I couldn’t be happier to be working together with Janalee to bring this dream to life. 

A year ago, I had no idea we would be standing here today. While I grew up here in Slinger, I had no intention of moving back. First my education and then my career kept me far away from my hometown in places like Boston, NY and LA and Denver. But as time passed and priorities changed, my husband and I realized that raising our kids surrounded by family was the most important thing. So last summer, we decided to pack-up our lives in Colorado and move back to Wisconsin, and to Slinger specifically. Not being from here, my husband didn’t fully grasp why I was so adamant about being in Slinger, but he gets it now.”

After everyone else had gone, we sat down with our family for a picnic – we took a breath and soaked in the moment. No turning back now!