This week we had our first couple book their wedding at Aspen Sky for 2023.  Every wedding is unique, but we wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through what a wedding day at Aspen Sky could look like. If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding venue starting next year, please reach out!

9:00am: As the day begins, the Aspen Sky event crew arrives to set-up. The ceremony chairs are carefully arranged outside, positioned to take advantage of the beautiful setting and the natural sunlight. Inside, the team reviews the floor plan that the couple decided on with the help of their Event Coordinator. They place the dining tables and white chairs the couple selected and set up the buffet, cake and gift tables. The bar is stocked and ready for guests to arrive.

10:00am: The Bride and her tribe arrive to start getting ready. They are greeted by the general manager who gets them situated in the Bridal Suite. 

10:15: The General Manager brings in some signature Aspen Sky brunch cocktails for the girls to start their day with.


10:30: Hair and make-up arrive and set up in the Bridal Suite taking advantage of the multitude of outlets, natural light and mirrors

11:00am: The couple chose to work with the in-house photographer, JB Photography, who arrives to capture the beautiful day. Taking photos of the wedding dress perfectly displayed on the wall of the Bridal Suite and of the girls in their matching robes as they get ready. 

 Noon: Everyone always says you need to make sure to eat on your wedding day, so the Bride opted for the ease of the Aspen Sky kitchen and ordered salads and paninis for the girls. 

12:30: The florist arrives and places the centerpieces on the tables and delivers the bouquets to the bridal suite and leaves the boutonnières in the Flex Space that the couple reserved for the day. 

1:00pm: The Aspen Sky Event Coordinator the Bride has been working with for the past three months arrives and checks in with the Bride. They do a walkthrough to make sure everything is set up per the discussed layout and then back to the Bridal Suite before the Groom arrives.

1:30pm: The caterers set up crew arrives and enters through the catering kitchen, staying out of sight as they stage everything. They are greeted by the Event Coordinator and any questions are answered. They begin to set the tables and prepare for food service.


1:45pm: The Groom and Groomsmen arrive and are set up in the Flex Space. The Event Coordinator brings them their boutonnières and reviews the flow of the day with them.

2:00pm: The DJ arrives and the Event Coordinator escorts him outside to set up the audio for the ceremony space before he moves onto the reception space. 

2:30pm: Guests begin to arrive and are directed by the Event Coordinator to the private ceremony space. They mingle on the patio before making their way to their seats. 

3:00pm: As the clock strikes three, the Bride emerges from the doors of Aspen Sky and begins her walk down the aisle in front of friends and family.  

3:25pm: The Bride and Groom walk back down the aisle as a married couple! They escape into the Bridal Suite for a few minutes together and to sign their marriage license. 

 3:30: Cocktail hour begins while JB Photography takes all the pictures the couple requested – family, bridal party, just the couple. Drinks are served on the patio via the outdoor service window and inside at the bar. In addition to the wine, beer and traditional cocktails available, the couple chose two signature cocktails for their guests.

4:00: The caterer’s staff serves appetizers to the guests as they mill about outside enjoying the beautiful weather and the cocktail hour music from the DJ. 

5:30: Guests are seated for dinner at the 9’ farmhouse tables that the bride chose to adorn with a table runner and beautiful, long arrangements. 

6:30: Speeches are given from the head table with everyone being able to see the speaker clearly from their seats.


7:00: The lights dim, the music gets louder and the dancing begins. Some people slip outside and enjoy a drink by the fire. Others find a quieter place to chat on the couches in the Flex Space. 

Midnight: The Bride and Groom make their grand exit and leave Aspen Sky a married couple knowing they can come back and reminisce at the winery anytime they want.

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